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Meat Sausages & Fish

Traiteur of Merivale

Great food is one of life’s true delights, and here at Traiteur it’s something we’re passionate about.


Drawing on our knowledge and expertise as butchers, bakers and die-hard foodies, we offer the finest cuts of meat, the most indulgent sweet treats, and an exquisite range of condiments for every taste and every occasion.


Located in the heart of Merivale, our European-style deli and butchery showcases an array of foods sourced from both local farmers and international suppliers. We also stock an assortment of wines and cheeses, offer catering services, and have a takeaway menu that changes on a weekly basis.


European Butchery

Food plays a special part in all of our lives. It’s mum’s famous spag-bol and dad’s weekend fry-up; nana’s home-made jam and grandad’s slow-cooked lamb.


It’s the cakes we celebrate special occasions with; the cheeses we enjoy as we unwind after a long day, and the glass of wine we wash it all down with. And that’s why we exist. To create the beautiful food that fuels those experiences, evokes those memories and enriches our lives.


The art of amazing food

The art of the Traiteur has its roots in late 18th century France, where diners would visit the local guild member’s kitchen (which was, more often than not, the Traiteur’s own home) to enjoy a meal out.


The term came to represent a group of people who were incredibly passionate about what they did; who took pride in the way they displayed their culinary creations and who drew immense satisfaction from the pleasure they brought their diners.


Today, a Traiteur is more commonly thought of as the owner of a deli-style eatery or catering business. But at its heart it’s still all about amazing food – lovingly prepared, beautifully presented and wholeheartedly enjoyed!